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Meet the Host

Af Malhotra is a tech founder, active investor and dedicated philanthropist. He has a distinguished career in technology, having held leadership roles in global companies including Amstrad, Fujitsu, and most recently Gartner. 

Af has acquired graduate and post-graduate degrees from Goldsmiths College, University of London (Anthropology), Kingston Business School (MA in Business), and Harvard Business School (Executive Education). He is also a guest lecturer at London Business School (LBS)  and Queen Mary’s, University of London.

Af is a regular contributor in the media, having been featured as a ‘technology entrepreneur and visionary’ on BBC News, CNBC Live, HuffPost, Financial Express Magazine, The Times, Raconteur, Bloomberg, International Finance Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Today, Af is deeply immersed in and speaks about the “three big transformations” that – he believes – will impact the future of humanity: #DigitalWorldOrder #ClimateRealism #DiversityEconomics